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By John Farndon, Belinda Gallagher, Lucy Dowling, Jo Brewer

This book presents a wealthy resource of data with greatest effect and minimal muddle. precisely a thousand evidence are coated by way of a hundred issues, every one with 10 key issues that supply an easy yet memorable deal with at the topic. interesting details panels in addition to prolonged captions magnify this fast hearth method.

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Какие-то ослы разместили в libgene под этим названием совершенно другую книгу. ("Пределы роста. 30 лет спустя"). Рад представить оригинальное издание 1972 года.

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Other existing power generation technologies can deliver comparable amounts of electricity and heat with almost the same eYciency but for less than $1,000 per kW (see Chapter 3). Phosphoric acid fuel cells begin with a high cost, 26 TLFeBOOK Fuel Cell Basics $4,500/kW—and the total installed costs can be even higher, depending on the complexity of the project, the diYculty of integrating the cogenerated heat into the building or factory, the costs of connecting with the electric grid, and so on.

5 I have spoken to a number of early corporate adopters of multiple stationary fuel cell systems, and while they are attracted to the potential environmental and reliability benefits of having power generated on-site, they have typically demanded a fast economic payback. Historically, this has primarily come from government subsidies or massive price discounts by the supplier. The rest of this chapter covers some near-term commercialization prospects and problems for stationary fuel cells. The chapter has two main points.

Reversible fuel cells are also the focus of much research. A fuel cell can be run “backward” to take an external source of electricity and turn it into hydrogen, which can then be stored and later used by the fuel cell to generate electricity. If it turns out to be more costeVective than other means of storing electricity, such as batteries, this strategy could have a variety of potential applications in military and space missions. Reversible fuel cells could also help address one of the barriers to more widespread use of renewable electricity—its intermittency.

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