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By Joseph Dawson

An intensely own and intimate autobiographical portrait of the Baptist minister and journalist.

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He treated his tenants with dignity and sympathy, providing them with adequate dwellings and outbuildings and a suitable allotment of land. At last we enjoyed a decent residence and other advantages. A perennial spring of cold water gushed from the hillside to refresh man and beast. Ample free firewood grew close at hand. The soil was the best, blackest of the black, and not too long in cultivation. Mrs. Files, childless, a woman of refinement, visited Mother as she would a daughter. When little Earl finally came, she made over the baby as if she really cared.

I had always fancied her unpainted house, surrounded by cedars, as a dismal den. Now the incessant patrack, patrack of her lean guinea fowl sounded as hideous as a shivaree must have sounded to a newly married couple we knew, when their friends at one o'clock in the morning put on a horrendous serenade with kettles, cowbells, tin cans, shotguns, and the like. I hated her old place! An eight-year-old, I dragged a small cotton sack between the dusty rows of our prematurely opened bolls. In late afternoon of a blistering August day, 1887, I noted the sky become overcast and a smell of rain.

Trapped by Cotton 17 III. Weakening Cotton Ties 29 IV. Champion of the Church College 47 V. Intervals with Ranchmen 70 VI. Religious Journalism, Texas Style 89 VII. Home in the Blacklands 101 VIII. Time Exposure in a World-Minded Church 116 IX. Missions Beyond the Line of Duty 145 X. Fighting for Social Justice 162 XI. Living in the Shadow of the Great 172 XII. Church and State in Washington 185 XIII. Trailing Down Facts, Ideas and Opinions 206 XIV. Rambling in the West 217 XV. Settled in Quietness and Confidence 228 XVI.

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