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By Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

Many avid gamers are interested in the Dragon Sicilian, yet are dispose of through the fierce mating assaults that White can release. within the sped up Dragon, Black goals for a stronger model, saving a stream together with his queen's pawn. If White attempts to disregard the adaptation, Black's rapid detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome chilly shower!The authors exhibit that White's major answer, the Maroczy Bind, isn't so fearsome as used to be proposal Black has some ways to damage out, whereas generally it really is attainable to manoeuvre round White's 'binding pawns' and express that they imprison White's items up to they do Black's.

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F5 20 :d2 :c4! f4+ 24 ~f2 =. Α later test ίη Ρορο­ vych-DonaIdson, Philadelphia 1987 saw 18 :hel :ae6 19lLJg3 (19lDc3! d7 with unclear play. h6!? f5! Hernandez, Thessalonikί OL 1988) 17lDg3 :a6! 18 f4 'ilh4! xf5! e3! xe3 :xe3 25 g3 + ReaI-Estevez, cοπ 1989. b5 14 a3. :c8 White can retain a clear edge with 14 a3 ~xc2+ 15 :xc2 ~xc2 16 "xc2 "xd5 17 ~f2 (ηοι so good is 17 ~xd5?! :xc2 18 ~xe7+ ~h8 19 ~f2 :xb2 :j:; a1so fine for Black is 17 ο-ο b518:dl"e619"e4 "xe420fxe4 :c4!? e6 18 ~f2 ;Ι; and 17...

10~ 1Ο fxe4? xe3 13lί)xe3 d6 doesn't give White any compensatίon at all for Black's extrapawn. aS+ 11 c3lί)cS A1so possible is 11 ... bxc6 13lί)xe7+ Φh8 14lί)xc8 :axc8 150-0 d5) 13lί)xe7+ Φh8 14lί)xc8 1hxc8 150-0 :cd8 16 'iVc200. xd4!? e3 d6 with an unbalanced positίon, Ozsvath-Honfi, Budapest 1963. c2 'iVc4 18 'iVxc4 lί)xc4 doesn't give White enough for the pawn, Sluka-Ska~el­ ova, Pardubice 1992. e6 16 c4 :ab8 17 :fdl :fc8 and White doesn't have enough for the pawn, Pulίdo-Spangenberg, Seville 1994.

Xe6 gives Black good for the pawn. e7 26 lDf1 :c6 27 lDe3 :e6 with a clear advantage for Black. c5 :e8 14 d6 :a6 is assessed by Cuban GM Hernandez as unclear. xg7 ~xg7 19 ~Ω was better for White ίη Westeήnen-Ηecht, Raach 1969) 14 a3? h4+ is unclear) 14... d4! 15 0-0-0 lDxc2! f2 lDal! dxc3 led Ιο an advantage for Black ίη Hennings-Szilagyi, Varna 1970. :e814d6:a6 15 lDb5! e5 17 c4! d4 (14 a3 d4! d7 181Dc3 a4! is equal, Estevez-Hernandez, Camaguey 1988. :a6!. xd4 :e8 17 ~Ω. +J... :a6!? d7, as seen ίη Lanka-Zilberman, Manίla OL 1992).

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