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25), as a power-drag unbalance will lead to changes in specific energy. The classical performance equation has its limitations, since only part of the energy balance is included. One way to improve accuracy for high speed or steep climb problems has been to establish a correction to the classical equation by rewriting Eq. 3) as dh Pa Ϫ DV ϭ dt W 1 . 2 STALLING SPEED 19 The term in square brackets is then evaluated as a kinetic energy correction factor to the fundamental equation. For low speeds, the correction factor is small, as expected, but can exceed 2 for high speeds.

18, it follows then, since both of the drag terms are equal (this can be seen also from Fig. 29) Since the minimum drag occurs at the minimum value of D/L, the latter ratio can be determined immediately by use of Eqs. 31) NOTE In keeping with the current practice in nomenclature usage, in the rest of the chapters the symbol Em will be used for the maximum lift/drag ratio L/ D͉max. It should be noted that, for the parabolic drag polar, the velocity for minimum drag occurs at Em; thus VDmin ϭ VEm and that the minimum drag, Eq.

1 General Considerations In the last section, the low end of flight spectrum was explored in some detail. It was found that, for steady flight condition and in absence of concerns about thrust, there exists a minimum velocity—the stall speed. Once the aircraft minimum velocity is established, the following question naturally arises: What is the maximum speed for the aircraft, and how can it be determined? The answer to the first question is obviously affirmative, but how it is determined depends on the information available for the vehicle and is the subject of this section.

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