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By Rick Barba

Play or Prey?• assault concepts for every uniquespecies• information on guns, instruments, skills, and kit• whole walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complicated tips for veteran gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality information

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Objective: Activate the Landing Beacon In the bay, the landing pad lights are flashing, and the facility mechanisms are lit and active. But you must still fire up the beacon for the dropship. Let’s go! Control Tower: Level 1 (Ground) ൸ In the landing bay, follow the left wall to the next door. Open it, enter the facility, then proceed down the corridor and turn left. ” ൸ Open the shattered Landing Pad 2 Cargo Access door, and step into the room. ൸Turn right and follow the wall to the elevator (next to the Level 1 sign).

Plasmacaster The Plasmacaster is your best bet for an “all-the-time” weapon. It deals effectively with threats at any range, although its splash damage can hurt you at close range. The Plasmacaster’s basic characteristics follow: ൸Tap the Fire button for a quick shot. Each deals moderate damage and uses one energy unit. With a full store of energy, you can squeeze off 54 quick shots. ൸ One Plasmacaster quick shot kills almost any Alien except for big boys such as the Praetorian and Predalien, while you generally need two or more quick shots for Marines.

Few things are more satisfying then finding a clear shot at the tucked tail of your enemy. Good Predator players use their powerful crouch-leap to hop completely over a foe, executing a 180-degree spin in midair to land facing the foe’s back. <36> Be Environmentally Aware As a Marine, you’re the slowest and most item-dependent of the trio. Keep an eye out for where your favorite weapons spawn, and waste no time getting there. This reduces the effectiveness of your backpedaling technique. Special Alien Multiplayer Tips Alien tactics offer some unique challenges to even veteran multiplayer gamers.

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