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By Manuel Clavel, Francisco Durán, Steven Eker, Patrick Lincoln, Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer, Carolyn Talcott

This publication offers a entire account of Maude, a language and process in response to rewriting common sense. Many examples are used in the course of the ebook to demonstrate the most rules and contours of Maude, and its many attainable makes use of. Maude modules are rewrite theories. Computation with such modules is - cient deduction by means of rewriting. due to its logical foundation and its preliminary version semantics,aMaudemodulede?nesaprecisemathematicalmodel.Thismeans that Maude and its formal software atmosphere can be utilized in 3, together reinforcing methods: • as a declarative programming language; • as an executable formal speci?cation language; and • as a proper veri?cation method. Maude’s rewriting good judgment is easy, but very expressive. this offers Maude solid representational services as a semantic framework to officially signify quite a lot of platforms, together with versions of concurrency, disbursed al- rithms, community protocols, semantics of programming languages, and versions of telephone biology. Rewriting good judgment can also be an expressive common logic,making Maude a ?exible logical framework within which many di?erent logics and - ference platforms will be represented and mechanized. This makes Maude an invaluable metatool to construct many different instruments, together with these in its personal formal software setting. due to the logic’s simplicity and using complex semi-compilation recommendations, Maude has a high-performance implementation, making it aggressive with different declarative programming languages.

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3 and Chapter 21 explain and illustrate with examples how Maude can be used in this way as a metatool to build many other tools for Maude itself and for many other logics. 6. Reflection and the existence of initial models (and therefore of induction principles for such models) have one further important consequence, namely, that rewriting logic has also good properties as a metalogical framework. A metalogical framework is a logical framework in which we can not only represent and simulate many other logics: we can also reason within the framework about the metalogical properties of the logics thus represented.

This is exactly what Maude modules provide. 18 1 Introduction By contrast, when specifying properties of a system we are not necessarily after an executable model of our system. Instead, we assume it, as either already given or to be developed later, and specify such properties in a typically nonexecutable manner: for example in first-order logic, higher-order logic, or some temporal logic. That is, the properties we specify have an intended model, namely the system design captured by a system specification, and we are interested in verifying by different methods that the intended model satisfies the properties stated in our property specification.

Chapter 7 is an introduction to rule-based programming in Maude by means of a collection of puzzles that are solved by rewriting and searching over system modules. Chapter 8 explains the support for modularity provided by Core Maude. It describes first the different modes of module importation, namely protecting, extending, and including. Then it introduces the module summation and renaming operations. Finally, this chapter explains 22 1 Introduction the powerful form of parameterized programming available in Core Maude, based on theories and views.

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